I like the cities. I like walking the streets. I like thinking of them as our open air living rooms. So I walk around and question them – are they places where we’d enjoy hanging out, or rather ones we’d escape? Do they work for all people, no matter their age or (dis)ability? Are they good habitats for Homo Sapiens, as Jan Gehl put it?

I walk around and I take pictures, and I can’t help thinking of how we could improve things – improve accessibility, make more pleasant places, and at the end of the day increase happiness. Ha, now that’s a word we don’t use a lot, in transport planning!

I share content here hoping to encourage you to re-imagine your spaces, because they are yours. Thanks for the visit, and hope you enjoy what you see.



About urban spaces, mobility, transport and Homo Sapiens communities, I encourage reading the works of Jan Gehl and Jane Jacobs, especially, and beginning probably with Charles Mongtomery’s Happy Cities, and Jeff Speck’s Walkable City.

For the title, I shamelessly stole a formula from my new favorite author, Teju Cole. The fit was just too good.

Photo: Waltham Forest, London, my own like all the other photos here, unless specified otherwise. Feel free to use any of my content for non-commercial purposes.

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